The european collection 2022-23

04 April 2022

With the new brand identity developed together with Musa, the European Collection 2022-23 by Homapal presents four families of metal decors and one of magnetic surfaces and boards, which provide a large spectrum of exquisite design applications.

Made in Germany, Homapal has grown from a specialist in laminates with real metal surfaces to one of the leading global manufacturers of special laminates. Using thin rolled foils made of aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel, laminates are created for multiple design environments: from hotels and bars to cruise ships, clubs, restaurants and shops.

In 2021, Homapal underwent some important changes in its visual identity and brand image. With Musa’s art direction, Homapal presented a new logo – accompanied by the pay-off “Shaping emotions in interiors” – as well as a series of videos which convey both the characteristics of the material and the value of the individual’s emotional realm in designing spaces. Moreover, the extensive offer of Homapal products was organised into five families – Elements, Gestures, Perspectives, SRM (Scratch Resistant Matt) and Magnetic & Boards – in order to make it easier for clients to find the laminate they need according to specific design textures. The different selections of products are collected in separate physical books showcasing samples, all gathered in a unique box. Embodying the refinement of Homapal laminates, the box officially presents the European Collection 2022-23.

With this collection, Homapal proposes a wide variety of real metal decors, allowing numerous aesthetic and application possibilities. Thanks to the elegant mix of colours, individual surfaces and extraordinary haptics, unmistakable features in the world of interiors are reached. From classic to modern, from hand-designed to industrial chic, the European Collection comprises more than 130 surfaces that, divided into the five selections, combine the texture and colour of metal with hard-wearing, flexible and lightweight laminates.

Going through the collection’s five families, we see how Homapal metal surfaces enliven the senses and create different inspiring ideas for interior design. Silver, gold, brass and copper bring a delicate sheen to highly creative designs, changing their appearance depending on the ambient light and time of the day.

Elements is the family of essential metals that represent the natural elements of fire, water, air and earth. Bronze, copper, steel, silver and gold are used to create five different surface finishings. The Brushed tones selection is offered in an even wider range with 12 extra shades to capture the expressiveness of pure metal.

The Gestures selection values the skilled hands of the masters of the craft working at Homapal, able to put emotions into motion. By grinding, dabbing, brushing, polishing and colouring, human gestures amplify the surfaces and generate beauty. No two surfaces are alike.

In Perspectives, three ranges of decors are collected. “Depths” refer to embossed metals, which create light tricks and dynamic explorations; “Geometries” trace lines to form both regular and playful movements; and “Industrial” surfaces evoke urban environments.

SRM (Scratch Resistant Matt) responds to customer requirements as a highly scratch resistant matt surface, soft touch, ultra matt and anti-fingerprint. Suitable for heavy-used applications. Applications with real metal on horizontal surfaces are now possible.

Magnetic & Boards offer high magnetic power combined with write-on surfaces. Available in a wide range of basic and fashionable colours.

To find out more about the Homapal European Collection 2022-23, visit homapal.com