Musa Spaces
Inspirational and site-specific installations

Virtual Tours section promotes new concepts about materials, surfaces and interior design.
Enter in our 3D spaces and get your virtual tours exploring the site-specific installations designed by Musa in collaboration with international designers and architects.

Design Duo Double Features

A project, curated by Federica Sala and hosted within the spaces of FENIX Scenario for Milan Design Week 2024

Returning to Villa Casa Bianca

Designed by the Dutch architects Van Beek en Dings in collaboration with Musa.

Surfaces with a View

Unconventional stories about surfaces and materials designed by Zanellato/Bortotto


A capsule colletion created by Fabio Fantolino and dedicated to the design freedom


An itinerary of eight sensory experiences designed by Constance Guisset

FENIX Scenario

FENIX Scenario is a flexible project built around a concept of multifunctionality