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Design Duo Double Feature

An exploration work that researches the multipotential of materials and surfaces starting from the concept of the duo

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Returning to Villa Casa Bianca

A temporary project inside a long-uninhabited residence on Lake Como

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<p><u>Musa</u>. Marketing Communication Design Hub</p>

Musa. Marketing Communication Design Hub

Musa is a lab, a communication consultancy, a vibrant creative hub, a multicultural team that designs solutions to create value and meaningful experiences.

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<p><u>Broadview Holding</u>. A global group of leading brands and materials</p>

Broadview Holding. A global group of leading brands and materials

Musa works together with the material technology companies under Broadview and their brands - Arpa, DOS, FENIX, Formica, Homapal, Trespa and Westag.

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