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Broadview Group

We believe in the strength of synergies, sharing knowledge and best practices within our group. We pursue long-term growth and value creation of our companies – Arpa Industriale, DOS, Formica, Hartson-Kennedy, Homapal, Westag, Trespa International  – that operate in the material technology business with superior aesthetical and functional surface properties. Applications include façade cladding, furniture for home, office and laboratory as well as interiors for healthcare, retail and hospitality. 

Continuous investment to develop new and innovative products is a key part of the strategy for this group of companies. This is supported by Nemho – the Next Material House – as the centre of excellence for technology in our group. Next to technology, the growth and protection of its brands is key. That is why the creative hub Musa – Marketing and Unexpected Solutions for Avant-garde – has been created.

To learn more about the other companies grouped under Broadview, you can visit Of Matter website. 


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