Arpa High Quality Surfaces
3D Material Experience

01 August 2022

As a new achievement of Arpa’s digital experience, interactive 3D models now allow users to better appreciate decors and finishes in the material’s virtual presentation. 

The first release of this new visualisation mode took place during Milan Design Week 2022 at the showroom of FENIX Scenario. Here visitors were invited to view Arpa’s 3D surfaces on a TV screen: they could either click on the chosen product through a web app connected to the screen or – combing offline and online approach in the materials’ exploration – scan a QR code on physical samples which redirected them to the screen-displayed product. In this way, you were able to discover more options of decors and finishes on the digital version of Arpa’s surface, checking the material’s features, thicknesses and formats available.

Since July, the new material experience has been officially launched on Thanks to the 3D technology, thought to enhance the aesthetics of the surfaces both for decors and finishes, users can capture the haptic appearance of products even without samples. Other than rotating and zooming the decors, you can visualise the 3D product underneath different light sources for a more complete perception of its physical application. Full screen mode is also available, and you can switch the finishes of the same decor to view its different configurations.

By now the interactive 3D models have been applied to seventy-six decors. Among these, twenty belong to VIS Collection – engineered surfaces with mineral components that significantly increase wear resistance – and thirty-two are from Premium Collection, including eight plain colours made with the lignin-based and award-winning Bloom technology.

Developing this new tool for Arpa’s website, we have made a first big step in improving the online users’ experience. In the future, 3D models can be created also for other Arpa’s and other brands’ products, as well as new functionalities can be added to the tool, such as the possibility of changing thickness or matching the colour between decor and core.

To discover the 3D material experience, visit the product section on Arpa website: